How to Troubleshoot a Faulty Icemaker


During the crazy heat of an Australian summer, you will want to ensure that you and your family are as cool as possible and if you're spending some time on the patio during a weekend, you'll want to keep everyone hydrated with cool drinks. You may be getting hot under the collar, therefore, if you find that your ice machine seems to have given up the ghost. Before you call out somebody to have a look at it, what can you check first?

Where to Start

Firstly, make sure that the water is still supplying the unit with its raw material. Usually, there is a tap within the unit and this may have been inadvertently knocked to the off position. If there is a tap at the waterline to the rear of the appliance, check this as well.

Visual Checks

Have a look at the back of the icemaker to see if any cubes have become stuck within the mechanism. Lift up the chute and have a look within. It is also possible that the water supplying the unit has frozen between the input point and the icemaker itself. Occasionally, the insulation that covers this line may have frayed, or the temperature of the freezer may be set too high. If the condition of the line looks okay, turn the freezer down temporarily to see if the problem goes away.

Internal Problems

If you can see that the icemaker is actually making cubes but is not ejecting them into the tub beneath, it's likely that an internal part has malfunctioned and will need to be replaced.

Occasionally, the machine will run without stopping, creating so many cubes that it overflows. Usually, the sensor that is designed to detect when the tub is full will need to be replaced.

When You Need to Call in Support

However, if you have checked thoroughly and find that none of these issues seem to be applicable, then you need to call in a qualified electrician to see what is happening. The typical icemaker is a very complex unit and its designed to integrate with your particular refrigerator a certain way. It could be that the unit has overloaded in some way and created a short out, but due to this complexity, it's never a good idea for you to attempt a repair yourself. You're best advised to leave it in the hands of the professionals instead.

Contact an electrical appliance repair service for more information and assistance. 


23 October 2017

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