Catch Up With the World | Let Go of the Copper and Turn to the Optic Cable


Due to technological innovation, some people are now rapidly shifting from the use of copper wires to fibre optic cables. You may wonder why a change would be necessary, since the copper seemed just fine. Well, these modern cables have just brought about so many benefits and breakthroughs, especially in transfer of information. Therefore, if you are still debating with yourself on whether or not to install fibre optics in your property, below are a few justifiable reasons why you totally should. 

Lightning speed

You may have heard that these optic cables are quite fast in transferring data, but how fast exactly? Unlike copper, a single fibre optic can reach a record speed of up to 101 Tbit/s per second over a distance of about 165 Kilometres. That means your transfer of messages is just a matter of click and receive, contrary to the old click, wait, and then receive. This makes the fibre optic great for installation on property where speed is essential such as an IT building.

By now, you are probably wondering why these cables are so fast. This is because they are composed of miniature glass threads that transmit information in form of light waves. And nothing is faster than light.

Are not affected by EMI (electromagnetic interference)

It is otherwise known as RFI (radio frequency interference). This is a disturbance that interferes with the flow of current on a wire and can cause a lot of information damage if not dealt with correctly. What happens is that the electrons in the conductor create their own magnetic field, due to electromagnetic induction that changes with the flow of the electrical current.

However, fibre optics use light instead of electrons, thus are not subject to EMI. With these, you never have to worry about getting hampered information. You may want to install these in your property where there is transfer of delicate information such as a business building.

They are cost effective

As much as fibre optic cables may be a little bit pricey initially, they are relatively cheaper than copper wires in the long run. First of all, they are easier to install, thus reduce labour costs. In addition, fibre itself requires zero maintenance and uses fewer network supporting hardware. This means you would not need costly regular check-ups over time, hence lower maintenance costs. Therefore, you should consider installing these cables for both your residential and commercial property.


25 January 2016

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