Situations That Call For An Emergency Electrician


There are some electrical problems in your home that may be able to wait until you can get an appointment with an electrician; a plug that doesn't work or an appliance that keeps shutting off a circuit may need some rewiring, but these aren't necessarily emergencies. However, there are times when you should call an emergency electrician to your home rather than waiting, even if it means an extra fee for their services. This is to keep you and your home safe from the risk of shock or an electrical fire. Note the following situations and why they're so urgent when it comes to a home's electricity.

1. Exposed wires

During a renovation project or after a storm, you may notice exposed wires in your home or on your property. It's not enough to simply avoid these or even mark off the area, as exposed wires can easily come into contact with fabric, building materials, and the like; this can then lead to a fire as these things get singed and start to smolder. Rather than assuming you will simply avoid those exposed wires and not risk getting shocked, call an emergency electrician so you also don't risk a home fire.

2. Wires near water

When you see wires anywhere near water, you want to call for emergency electrical services, even if the wires aren't necessarily touching the water now. The water may be far from the wires, but if it's being fed by a drip from a leaky pipe or backed-up drain, the puddle could get bigger and eventually meet the wire. The electrical current can then travel through the entire body of water and put you or your home at risk. Whenever there is a wire near any type of water, don't assume you're safe, but turn off the water to your home if possible and call an emergency electrician.

3. Smoke or signs of smoke from sockets

The phrase "where there's smoke, there's fire" can apply to your home when you see smoke or signs of smoke from sockets. You don't need to see flames to need an emergency electrician, but chances are exposed or frayed wires are charring or singeing something behind the socket. Not only is this damaging to your home's electrical systems, but it also means the increased risk of an electrical fire. If you see smoke or notice a type of black ash or other such marks near any socket, call an emergency electrician right away.

Some electrical problems can wait until you can schedule a visit with a regular electrician. But if you notice any of these issue above, contact an emergency electrician as soon as possible. 


25 January 2016

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