Tips When Trying to Conceal Telephone Wires Around a Doorway


Running telephone wires throughout your home is required when you want the ability to use your telephone in a number of different rooms. When you are running the wires, you will most likely have to run them through doorways. Telephone wires can be unsightly and hazardous when they are not concealed. This means that before you begin running telephone wires through your home, it is important for you to be aware of the most helpful tips that allow you to effectively conceal telephone wires around a doorway. 


It is important to begin the process by removing the trim or molding that is around the top of the door. You can use any type of tool with a flat and sharp edge to pry the molding free. Make sure that when you are removing the trim or molding that you are careful not to damage the underlying wall. If there is a nail that is keeping the trim secure, be sure that you pry this area first to ensure that the trim is not damaged.


Once you have removed the trim, you can then cut out some of the drywall that is at the top of the door jamb. This hole that you cut is designed to make room for the telephone wire that you are running. Make sure that the hole is big enough and long enough for this task. Using a drywall saw is the most effective way to create this hole. 


You will then need to remove the baseboard that is near the doorway. When you are looking to remove the baseboard, it is always a good idea to begin by scoring it. This allows you to avoid removing any paint when you remove it from the wall. You will need to cut the drywall under the baseboard that is big enough for you to pull wiring through.


You can then take a weighted chain and drop it through the hole that is at the top of the door jamb. This will allow you to attach the telephone cable to the chain that is now at the hole in the baseboard. Once you have the cable attached to the chain, you can then pull the chain back up and then remove it. This will allow you to pull the wiring through and run it along the top of the door and then fed it back down the other side of the door. Once you replace the trim and baseboard, there will be no visible sign of your telephone wiring. For further assistance, contact telephone and data wiring services professionals.


28 January 2016

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