Outdoor Floodlights | 3 Considerations When Installing Floodlights For Security And Illumination In Your Garden


Outdoor floodlights provide both security and lighting in your garden, allowing you to benefit from a well-illuminated landscape without feeling unsafe. But choosing floodlights can be difficult when you don't know what you want. This guide equips you with considerations when installing outdoor floodlights in your garden.

Think About Where You Want To Mount The Lights

You must consider where you want to place your floodlights in the garden for maximum effect. The lights should shine on your intended landscape without blinding your neighbours or anyone else. To maximise the effects of floodlights over your garden, make sure they are mounted at a downward angle without pointing into your neighbour's home because this would most certainly be an invasion of privacy. The lights should also be mounted at a decent height from the ground to prevent tampering. Keep in mind that security floodlights are also designed to warn you of intruders, so illuminate garden areas you can see from your home. There is no sense in illuminating spaces that you cannot see from your home anyway.

Consider Light Bulbs That Consume Less Energy For Lower Power Bills

Floodlights can be fitted with a variety of light bulbs based on your specific needs, but some can end up costing you a significant amount of dollars when it comes to power bills in the future. For example, incandescent and halogen lights are bright and powerful, but they consume a tremendous amount of electricity in comparison to other light bulb options. In comparison, LED light bulbs, sodium vapour light bulbs and high intensity discharge light bulbs are far more energy efficient and cheaper to maintain over the long run. This makes them more ideal for your garden's floodlights when you're looking to lower your energy bills –– especially if you want to keep them on all night on certain occasions for added security.

Plan Motion Sensor Lights For Greater Security

Motion sensor floodlights are most suited to homes where security and illumination are vital needs because they use infrared sensors to pick up motion within the illuminated range. These sensors can pick up movement from people and objects, warning you of any potential intruders around. Depending on the type of sensor you choose, the light may remain active for few to several minutes and shut off once again. This adds safety while preventing energy wastage in your home.  

If you're looking for both security and illumination, consider these options when installing floodlights in your garden.


27 June 2016

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